Sevim Dogan Ozkan The room 2020 archival scan dimensions variable.


Friday 10 June - Sunday 17 July

Call me home is a group exhibition by artists and photographers, Ali Choudhry, Sevim Dogan Ozkan, and Max Iannantuono. A central tenet within the exhibition is the exploration of home and the instability of the concept as confined within the traditional constructs of geography, race, or international borders.

Memory is employed as a tool for sharing oral and visual histories, which are extracted from personal archives and repurposed into artworks spanning installation, video, photobooks, and text. While each artist draws from a deeply familial and personal position on culture, identity, and nostalgia, collectively, they are each conscious of the limits and possibilities of representing home as neither locality nor ideal.

Now showing until Sunday, 17 July in Boadle Hall at Incinerator Gallery.

Incinerator Gallery, 180 Holmes Road, Aberfeldie, 3040