Midsummer fest
Image credit: WHOLE SELF: Midsumma 2022 Bianca J Willoughby, Circles of Fire, 2017, two-channel video (video still).

WHOLE SELF: Midsumma 2022

Friday 28 January - Sunday 6 March

Incinerator Gallery, Aberfeldie

Artist(s): Emiko Artemis, Blackgin, Penn Gabona, Sean Miles, Bon Mott, and Bianca J Willoughby
WHOLE SELF is an exhibition that illuminates the over-lapping spheres of queerness and disability as an intersection of infinite possibilities.
This exhibition critiques a prevailing social issue that queer and disabled people are not whole, but seen as either one or the other, let alone in combination of the two. It challenges the perception of queer disabled people as deviant, broken, deficient or incomplete.

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